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Miniature Dollhouse Furniture challenge


Shenzhen International Furniture Fair "18m2 Miniature Family Challenge" Chinese and Foreign Confrontation

The house is getting more and more expensive, the size of the house is getting smaller and smaller, what should we do? From March 19th to 22nd, 2017, Chinese and foreign residential hardcover industry design big coffee will gather in the design capital of Shenzhen, Shenzhen Fashion Home Design Week and 32th Shenzhen International Furniture Fair invited Red Dot Design Award winner Christian Melz, architecture and space Design master Petra Vogelsang two German designers formed a team to join the "18m2 very small apartment challenge", and the only domestic research institute focusing on residential hardcover system - Shenzhen Jiaxie Housing Hardcover Research Institute, competing on the same stage, to the real case The 360-degree panoramic view is a unique "small space, big life".

First, Germany designed PK China design, who is stronger?

The German design group, a third-generation descendant of a 64-year-old wooden furniture family in Germany, as a "carpentry craftsman" who inherits the rigorous woodwork skills of Germany, was awarded the 2013 Red Dot Design Award by the German designer Christian. Melz, a master of German furniture design. Another German designer Petra Vogelsang, a world-class top hardware design agency, is a space creator who makes "every square meter more exciting".


The Chinese design agency is the pioneer of the new model of “Residential Hardcover” in China. It is the Shenzhen Jiaxie Residential Hardcover Research Institute, which provides residential hardcover design services for more than 50 of the top 100 real estate companies in China. It is also the No. 5 Hall of Shenzhen International Furniture Exhibition. The general curatorial institution of the Urban Satch-up Pavilion has led the trend of China's residential hardcover industry with the advanced theory of “unifying the design language of the three major fields of building structure, interior space and furniture parts, and opening up the entire chain of residential hardcover industrialization”.

This "18m2 very small apartment challenge", German design vs. Chinese design, in the end who's design wisdom is amazing?

Second, the Variety Space PK Super Storage, who is better?

As we all know, Germany's industrialization leads the world. German houses are naturally simple and practical. But in the concept of German designers Christian Melz and Petra Vogelsang, design is to serve people and life. People are full of energy and life is rich and colorful. Therefore, German designers hope to give more possibilities to the "small space", let the living room, bedroom, work space, etc. switch freely, let the sofa, bookcase, bed and other furniture parts freely combine, let the 18m2 minimal space interpret The fun of "various space".


The Shenzhen Association of Housing Hardcover Research Institute from the market research shows that for busy Chinese, for young people who like to buy and buy, "super storage" is a rigid demand, even a small space of 18m2, I also hope that I can store more shoes, clothes, books and daily necessities, so that I can live a well-organized life and bring a beautiful living experience while realizing the demand for super storage.

At that time, the Chinese design agency with "super storage" as its core, the 18m2 small apartment will be interpreted as a super-utility LOFT apartment that can accommodate the dream of young people's urban life; and the German design with "various space" as the core Group, 18m2 very small apartment will become a "temporal space, work and leisure" free transformation of the personality space. Whose design is better, I believe that architectural design, interior design, furniture design and soft design will find different answers.

Third, China and Germany joined forces to stage an audio-visual feast of extreme residential design

The hardcover design of the house, especially the extremely small apartment design, has already surpassed the conventional building, interior and furniture design concepts, and the market needs a comprehensive transformation and breakthrough. This time, Shenzhen Fashion Home Design Week and 32th Shenzhen International Furniture Fair “18m2 Mini-Small Challenge”, whether it is a German design group or a Chinese design agency, will present the most exciting and ultimate minimalist design. Program.


Shenzhen Fashion Home Design Week and 32th Shenzhen International Furniture Fair in order to make the "18m2 Miniature Plan Challenge" more perfect, more comprehensive interpretation of the current residential hardcover design thinking changes, two 18m2 very small apartment design will Displayed in all-glass structure, architectural structure design, space optimization design, furniture part design, storage function design and smart hardware technology... 360° perspective of each design detail, design logic and design wisdom.

At the same time, Christian Melz and Petra Vogelsang, the lead designers of the German design group, and Guan Yongkang, the chief designer of the Chinese design institute, Shenzhen Jiaxie Housing Hardcover Research Institute, will also enjoy the industry and design in Hall 5 of Shenzhen International Furniture Fair. The meeting (forum area), on-site interpretation of the design plan, the same platform PK design wisdom, for the guests to offer a minimalist design of the extreme audio-visual feast.

From March 19th to 22nd, 2017 Shenzhen Fashion Home Design Week and 32th Shenzhen International Furniture, “18m2 Mini-Small Challenge”, German design and Chinese design are strong against each other, China and international design forces join forces to contribute a Don’t miss out on the peak of design limits and the dream of life.

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